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Last night I was noodling around testing out the rebuilt computer (okay, I downed one 'cause it yanked my chain one too many times and all I really need is a mp3 player will a large screen) and Spotify (bless their Linux team) passed me a suggestion for Lana Del Rey. Hmmm... Via my listening to Daft Punk while I work out most likely.

Okay. "Knowledge us Good" as the founder of Faber is claimed to have said (the college, not the pencil company), so off we go while I start to turn the kitchen back into something that looks a little less like a random parts storage area occupied by a geek on a mission (photos not available: Herself returns today; no evidence can exist).

...and I see why this artist came up as a suggestion. Cool.

Louder. Louder. Loud enough to blanket my brain so I can work. ...and she has a voice and she has an edge. ...and I do edgy. So, yeah, onward!

Cool. Listening. Enjoying. Lots of nice stuff, one I recognize from the radio, one nice cover of an oldie, Blue Velvet from who knows when (okay, 1954, since I had to know, but I'm probably remembering the Bobby Vinton version circa 1963), enough decent stuff to add her to a playlist (listening, background, gaming, but not enough energy to use to work out to; that'll have to stay Paramore and Daft Punk and...). Oh, yeah, right: I was listening. Edgy, -right? Deep voice. Yes, yes. Then, another shimmering from the past, only this one is coming on different: the memory evoked is not of this song's style.



I'm listening to a very well done piece of music done in a style so melancholy that it's evocative of one of Jeff Beck's guitar moods (try any of his Somewhere Over the Rainbow versions sometime). ...only the lyrics are bringing me memories of a "happiness thing". this is from a movie, and people are dancing (ballroom?) and there's light and color! Only... She's singing dark. I hear/feel kettledrums. What in the heck is going on: my memories (other than the blocked ones) are generally good. Why the dichotomy?

I give you the original version many of us heard in our younger years, and the modern rendition (I just like this video mix).

My favorite dragon of all time...


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