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I'll have to work at determining a cut-off point, but it appears "those under forty" (??) may not have heard the over-used jokes from the days of the Catskills Circuit (queue Dirty Dancing) or those routinely used by "Mad Magazine". Case in point:

I was passing by my boss as he was chatting with some co-workers and noticed he had a four-foot step-ladder with the wrapping still intact in one hand. I wandered by and whispered, It's a ladder, into his ear. His response was, Yes, it's for Eddie, but why would Eddie need a ladder?

Perhaps he wanted to get a step up in life....


No one groaned; it was new to them.

("Thank you, folks; I'll be here all week!")
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If you happen to see the words, Shooting in California, three dead..." in the news? a mile or so from the office.

Just another day in the neighborhood.
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But what if you don’t feel like being happy? What if you’re just not in the mood? In His wisdom, G‑d gave us a great gift. The antidote to unhappiness is reaching out to others and helping them. Putting yourself aside, even for a few moments, in order to help someone else, provides a feeling of contentment and happiness and helps change your mindset and feelings for the better.

Lifted from
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...perhaps only with the candle as I am not of that faith (other than the meta umbrella covering all).

A life came to an end a few hours ago. A long and lived and loved life.

Pax aeternam...

This last chapter, encompassing just under twenty-one days, developed into something more than a simple coda at the end of the piece... Many strands were revealed, often intertwined and then rewoven and later rent and left tattered; yet all a part of the same pattern of life, society, humanity, science, and continued existence we all experience.

I suspect my muse will demand her due; there are simply too many stories within stories to not relate portions of not only this short time frame, but how the law, ethics, morality and socialization have grown over the last several decades.

For now, sweet Lethe calls, if only for a few hours...
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Vis-à-vis linkage and such: drop me a note if you can see the other end of this link...

Just a screen shot for an artist to show her how her work shows up (left, portrait layout on dual screens).

...working on working on things.
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...but that was to keep things quiet for the patients on the floor. I did see that they've added some new up-lighting to the columns at the front of Sproul Hall; but overall, things looked much the same: fires burning in the plaza, weapons on the upper walkways at the ready.

Communications seems to be much better, and pretty much all around: law enforcement was re-positioning as needed, students were flowing from place to place, the press now understanding they are not immune to tear gas and other crowd control measures.

Then again, I hear of "Rubber Bullets", but remember 00 shot; I hear of "Tear Gas", but remember Pepper Gas.

A classic poster from People's Park

Let a Thousand Parks Bloom


Jan. 31st, 2017 07:41 pm
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Images on DW: Have to be posted elsewhere and linked in?

Google is my friend, but the sleep thing isn't happening and I... Oh, via email or link.

K, I have servers, so that will work. Maybe this will be the push to jumpstart one of the other sites. <muttering about having hotlinks blocked in my .htacess, and thumbnail maybe for here and link to the main...>

K, thanks for the chat; sometimes it is nice to be able to go over things with someone else!

DW question

Jan. 3rd, 2017 01:56 pm
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Has anyone discovered a Sinfest connection here?

"Interests" is cool, but I'm coming up dry on this one.

(no period 'cause that's not cool anymore according to...)
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Last week LJ ended up blocked at work, likely due to the latest SonicWall update.

Prior to that I can only recall one prior time; in both cases the NetGeek removed the block (IP as I recall).

Today's update to the firewall killed access once again.

Okay, so I may as well test this whole, "I forgot I had a DW account and it's all good 'cause I just need a platform with comments 'cause I don't use comments on my main site because people and maybe the DW/LJ thing will work".

...or not.

Back to year end inventory (read: just shoot me).
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I believe this has you covered (small size since it's pre-owned):

Have a pint!

(click the pic to enlarge)

Use your knowledge base, or the reddit thread here (remarkably civilized so far).

Seriously, "TheTimeSink" for a reason...

Edit: Source code, Vancouver, BC.
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"Baby" from Dirty Dancing is married to Agent Coulson.

...if only for the trivia.
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The younger son had a paper due last night. Lately he's done this stuff on his own, but I'm still available for grammar, spelling and style work when he's bagged from sleep deprivation. Occasionally writer's block pops up or his extemporaneous BS machine sticks on a topic; then I toss an idea or two his way. Last night's work was a "read and expand" assignment on Richard Bach's Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. ...and he needed another page.

I dropped a stream-of-consciousness onto the keyboard and sent it on the way. I offered it linked as a reference if he needed another. For your light reading enjoyment:

Couple things on Eastern versus Western philosophy:

These are not to be confused with religion (regardless of indoctrination).

The perspective does not boil down to science versus spirituality (regardless of upbringing).

It also cannot be reduced to “provable” items as both rely on anecdotal history.

In the book we are treated to a classic role play of the “learned one” who takes on a “disciple” to instruct in the ways of the Force (see what I did there?). “Magic” and mysticism are brought in via the “handbook” (it has its own printing, by the way) which shows the seeker exactly what he needs to see (or not, as in the mirror from Harry Potter).

The seeker (self-identified or discovered as such later) has a nature-and-nurture background from the West (Richard). As such he is classically (stereotypically) ego-centric, and only knows what is in his personal database as derived from school, life experiences, and televison. Life is black and white and perhaps lacking any shades of grey (yes, I use the British spelling). He is well into his life-path and runs across a disillusioned fellow pilot (Donald). Donald has given up on the barnstorming action adventure shows they both have been a part of; he has been trying to impart a meaning to his performances while people have only been getting the “Oh, Gee!” portion of the show.

Contrast: the Western attitude (a nurture attribute) of "see what is in front of you", a grounding in hard science and an unwillingness to understand anything not seen before, yet with an huge portion of the inhabitants following a book written a couple of thousand years ago and anecdotal stories of happenings that defy the the first portion of this run on sentence. Oh, and the Quran and the Bible? “Abraham, originally Abram, is the first of the three patriarchs of Judaism. His story features in the holy texts of all the Abrahamic religions and Abraham plays a prominent role as an example of faith in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.” (Wikipedia)

...versus the Eastern attitude (again, nurture and again stereotypical) of openness and peace and the concept of “things can happen”. This tends to translate to the bit about, “Believe, and anything can happen”, (Richard Bach, in “Johnathan Livingston Seagull” circa 1970. Also, “the Hallmark Channel”.)

Interlude on magic: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”, Arthur C. Clarke, 1917-2008. You may remember this from your childhood: (bottom of the page; the graphic and quote hung in the garage at my workstation).

Eastern: contemplation (often via mediation), examination, and practice. Oh. That sounds very close to the “scientific method”. Okay, I’m being a pedantic boor. I’ll finish early and continue on the web. If you need to source this, I’ll post it and provide a link.

Eastern: mediation? Monks: mediation. Thomas Merton was a scholar who became a Trappist Monk and authored a pile of books on Zen until he died a few years back.

Also: addressed very well in Marvel’s “Dr. Strange” movie that we saw last night (comics from my youth).

Okay, off to correct and see what I can toss in, Dad

In the texts later it sounded like he was able to take a bit or two and expand things.

Still happy to help with homework...
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A little retro

Just cleaning and resetting a room after one of boys moved out on his own.

Painting by his SO, lighting by Edison (new version), photo by cell phone...
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Yet: Every so often one of those stray lightening bolts tossed by Geras (Greek god of age) happens to hit,
in this case via today's XKCD...
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...but why?


I went cruising for a sunset the other evening...


Sep. 14th, 2016 04:48 pm
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I wish I were there; but in lieu of Marvel's AoS version (a bit invasive), I've declared this week one of relocation (if only mentally).

...or as was put soooo much better than, "...tired of the job",
"need a day off",
and related pity-party phraseology (something I try to abstain from):

Oh, you're creating space!

Siderea, your profession rocks.
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Image courtesy CalFire Twitter, Facebook, and as noted on the image.
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Optimal, adj

Most advantageous

The road less traveled;
The little town with the cafe
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Yoga instructor, Breathe with your belly, like a baby does...

Chiropractor, When I press here, breathe with your abdomen; we want the scalenes relaxed...

Two data points do not make a trend; however, they can define a line.
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