Apr. 23rd, 2017

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I'll have to work at determining a cut-off point, but it appears "those under forty" (??) may not have heard the over-used jokes from the days of the Catskills Circuit (queue Dirty Dancing) or those routinely used by "Mad Magazine". Case in point:

I was passing by my boss as he was chatting with some co-workers and noticed he had a four-foot step-ladder with the wrapping still intact in one hand. I wandered by and whispered, It's a ladder, into his ear. His response was, Yes, it's for Eddie, but why would Eddie need a ladder?

Perhaps he wanted to get a step up in life....


No one groaned; it was new to them.

("Thank you, folks; I'll be here all week!")
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That's one heck of a set of tags...

I could have added more, but if you are in a reading mood that should spark enough interest. Two links from the randomness of TheTimeSink:

In praise of melancholia, wherein the author discusses "melancholy" versus "depression", the assumed tie in with creativity, genetic encoding of stress effects passing through generations, and music as balm for the soul.

A bit of a scatter-gun approach, but readable if only for the bit on "genetic memory" (Lamarck, are you back in the game with Mr. Darwin?).

Network Science and the Effects of Music Preference on Functional Brain Connectivity: From Beethoven to Eminem. Yeah, the title is a clue; but if you work your way through it, there is some interesting stuff going on.

Oh, heck, just read the abstract...

Edited to add (for the masochists or those who cannot walk away from info):
Wikipedia, Default Mode Network
PMC (more depth)


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